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Nail Services at Sara Victoria Brows & Beauty Salon in Calne

Many of us struggle with our nails, whether they be brittle and weak, or if we are nail biters! This can often make us feel self conscious, but don’t worry! Beautiful hands and feet can be yours with the wide range of manicures and pedicures available at our beauty salon in Calne.

Our expert beauty therapists and nail technicians are trained to deliver the perfect enhancements.manicures and pedicures with a range of nail polish options available including long-lasting gel polish. 

It is a fact that most of us do not have the kind of nails we would like! This could be for a number of reasons including weak, brittle or bitten nails.  

Our team of expert manicurists at Sara Victoria Brows & Beauty salon in Calne can transform your hands and nails with our range nail services, making them something you can be proud of again.

You can book your appointment by calling our beauty team on 01249 816909 or book online here.

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DesignX Pro Full Cover Tips

DesignEx Pro™ introduces game-changing new products to create perfect gel extensions in a flash. Crafted from a durable new polymer for supreme strength from arch to free-edge, discover 7 varieties of trending shapes, Long Coffin, Long Stiletto, Medium Almond, Medium Coffin, Medium Soft Almond, Medium Square and Short Oval, that can be customised to your preferred shape and length.  This service is relatively new in the world of nails, gel is used to adhere the full cover tip to the nail rather than glue which is so much better for the health of the natural nail. You can look forward to upgrading your treatment today.

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The Elim MediHand System was specifically designed for aging and pigmented hands. Our hands are constantly exposed to UV rays and UV lamps and the system contains all the actives to protect you from these harmfull elements.  Considered the most advance Manicure system globally used in most of the Premium Spa’s and Salons.


The Industry was ready for a new generation Manicure.  One that offered more in terms of actives.  In Essence a Super Manicure. The MediHand system is based on Natural Science to encourage true healing of the hands. As with all of the products here at Elim, this range is inspired by your body’s own wisdom and power. Ingredients are selected to strengthen and sustain the natural abilities of the skin. Our hands are constantly exposed to the sun and as we age, we develop signs of ageing and pigmentation. This range has been specifically formulated to treat and reverse these signs of ageing through carefully combining health-giving Vitamins and Nutritive Minerals, all-powerful helpers in nourishing and improving skin tone.

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Elim MediHeel Pedicure


The Elim MediHeel Pedicure was designed and formulated to offer you a superior system focussing on a restorative pedicure. The system has 9 essential steps and guarantees a longer lasting result.

At Sara Victoria we realized that not all clients have identical pedicure needs. We invested in a system that focuses on compromised areas but not leaving the relaxing experience behind. The system was designed to give you a long-lasting result on the feet, focussing on the dry area around the heel, hydrating nails and nourishing cuticles. There are also alternatives for bacterial infections, fungal infections on the nail and yellowing nails. Overall a superior approach to pedicures with products containing facial grade ingredients.

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You can book your nail gel application, manicure or pedicure appointment by calling our expert beauty team at Sara Victoria Beauty Salon in Calne on 01249 816909 or book online here.