Medical Grade Pedicures

The Elim MediHeel Pedicure at Sara Victoria Beauty Salon in Calne

Elim pedicures Calne WiltshireElim is a medical grade pedicure treatment which uses state-of-the-art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet. 

Using ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Sodium Hydroxide, this chemical treatment replaces the abrasive traditional foot file or blades. Trust us when we say this is a luxurious treatment and a million miles from a ‘traditional’ pedicure.

At Sara Victoria we believe everyone deserves beautiful feet!  Book an appointment for an Elim pedicure at our beauty salon in Calne and we’ll make sure you have feet you’re proud to show off!  Call us today on 01249 816909 or book online.

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How often should I have an Elim pedicure treatment?

Every 3 weeks for best results, however, the Elim system is so effective that you see results after just one treatment.  Therefore, it is the perfect procedure for those wanting a one-off treatment or a regular high-quality pedicure.

Elim medi pedicure Calne Wiltshire SalonThe Elim Heel Peel

This focuses on quickly and effectively removing hard skin and calluses from the feet.  In this treatment we apply our 10 minute peel to the areas needing treatment, while this is working away, we cut, file and shape the toenails and perform cuticle work/removal.

Once the peel has been neutralised we can scrape and buff away any remaining dead skin. Following this we apply the Elim Foot Perfector.  Enriched with vitamins B5, C and E to nourish the foot while the unique gel-powder helps lock in moisture, ensuring a flawless finish.

Finally, finish your treatment in luxury with a revitalising gold spritz.

The Full Elim Pedicure

Elim medical pedicure Calne Wiltshire Beauty SalonThis relaxing and nourishing pedicure includes all the treatments mentioned above but it’s your next step up in pure pedi luxury and results.

Your full Elim medical pedicure will include:

– AHA exfoliator, which helps to refine the texture of your feet by removing dead skin, leaving them shiny and silky smooth.

– The Ultra-mud foot mask made from volcanic ash clay, honey, ginger, vitamin F, E along with heated boots.

– A spa soak, infused with antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, while also hydrating and rejuvenating your feet. Not only does it soften dry and tired feet, but its tea tree and rosemary infusion helps boost circulation, easing pain in your feet.

– Finish all this with a stress relieving foot massage and revitalising gold spritz.

Book Your Elim Medi Pedicure at Sara Victoria Beauty Salon in Wiltshire

Soothe your sore feet and get them sandal ready with a luxurious Elim medi pedi at Sara Victoria.  Call the salon on 01249 816909 or book online.