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It’s amazing what a difference fuller, longer lashes can make to the way you look and feel. At Sara Victoria Beauty Salon in Calne, our qualified lash technicians will help you find a look that works best for you – whether that’s an LVL lash lift, full-on glamorous lash extensions or a more natural long-lashed look.

If you’re not naturally blessed with full, long eyelashes, do not worry! At Sara Victoria Brows & Beauty Salon in Calne, we can transform your lashes with a wide range of lash services.

Whether you desire glamorous, super full lashes or natural looking, longer lashes, we can help. Your Sara Victoria beauty therapist will be happy to advise on which lash services would be the best for your face shape, lifestyle and individual style. 

We offer LVL lash lifts, Russian lash extensions, classic lash extensions, hybrid lashes and lash tinting to improve the appearance of your lashes.  

Did you know? We are also the experts in creating high definition brows. Whether you want a complete brow re-shape or you have eyebrows that are over-plucked or sparse, we can give you HD Brows or use our eyebrow microblading service to create perfect brows once more.

Please note: A skin test is required at least 24 hours before most lash treatments. 

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LVL Lash Lift Treatments at Sara Victoria Brows & Beauty Salon, Calne

LVL Lashes Sara Victoria Brows Beauty Salon Calne Wiltshire

An LVL Lash Lift is a stunning alternative to eyelash extensions, designed to enhance your natural eyelashes and creating the impression of thicker, longer lashes. 

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift and, unlike a traditional lash perm, uses a setting serum to straighten your natural eyelashes at the root to create the effect of longer, lifted lashes. The results are sensational, giving you a wide-eyed look with lashes that look natural and much more full with added length.

Following your lashes being straightened, our highly trained beauty therapists will tint your lashes to create the appearance of darker lashes. An added bonus of an LVL Lash Lift is that the lash tint creates a mascara-style effect, so your lashes are perfect from the moment you wake up. No extensions, no adhesive and no need for mascara, saving you time in the morning! 

The LVL lash treatment service takes approximately 45 minutes and the results can last for up to six weeks.

Please note that you will be required to have a simple allergy patch test at least 48 hours prior to your LVL Lash Lift appointment – simply pop in and we’ll be happy to help!

Russian Lash Extensions at Sara Victoria Beauty Salon in Calne

Russian Lash extensions, Calne beauty salonIf you are looking for glamourous lashes with the “wow” factor, ask your Sara Victoria beauty expert about our Russian Volume Lashes, which are also referred to as Russian Lashes or 3D Lashes. 

This revolutionary advanced lashing technique where multiple super fine eyelash extensions are applied to one single natural eyelash in a fan like manner, creating visibly more volume than classic lashes. This technique uses less glue, the lashes are more comfortable to wear and require less frequent infill treatments. 

Russian Volume Lashes give clients a full, high impact glamorous look with maximum natural looking volume.

A patch test is required before treatment so pop in at least 48 hours before your Russian Lash treatment for this quick allergy test.

Classic Lash Extensions at Calne’s Top Beauty Salon: Sara Victoria 

lash extensions, beauty salon in calne, swindonIf you are looking for longer, thicker and fuller looking lashes, with a natural looking effect, speak to us about our Classic Lash Extensions. The amount of Classic Eyelash extensions that we add will depend upon how many natural lashes you are already blessed with, if you have 50 natural lashes per eye, 50 individual eyelash extensions will be applied. 

Your Sara Victoria beauty therapist will attach each eyelash extension to your individual lashes so your Classic Lash Extensions will, with care, last until your natural lashes fall out. Classic lashes should, with care, last between four and 12 weeks.  

Classic Lash Extensions will extend the length of your natural lash but will give a more natural look than the glamour of Russian Volume Lash Extensions.  

A patch test is required before your Lash Extension treatment so pop into the salon at least 48 hours before your treatment for this quick allergy test.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid Lash Extensions combine two different lash extension techniques rolled into one set of gorgeous lashes. This technique was made popular by the Kardashians and is a popular choice in our Calne beauty salon.

Choosing hybrid eyelash extensions gives you the best of both worlds by adding long lengths of classic lashes that are strategically placed to create a frame and filled in between with the volume extensions to give a spiky textured look.

Hybrid Lash Extensions are perfect for clients who desire a little more volume than the Classic Lash extension method and a little less drama than fuller the Russian Volume Eyelash extensions.

Lash Tinting

eyelash tinting, beauty salon, calneGive your eyes a more youthful appearance with a lash tint at Sara Victoria Beauty Salon in Calne.

Your expert beauty technician will use our specialist SV Lash Colour Gloss to tint your lashes. We can match your lashes to your hair colour or give you super dark eyelashes – almost as if you are wearing mascara!

This treatment gives greater definition to your face making your eyes appear larger, brighter and less tired.

The effect lasts for several weeks which means no need for mascara! You’ll wake each morning with beautiful dark eyelashes and no ‘panda eyes’ from residual eye make up!

A skin allergy test is required before treatment so pop in at least 48 hours before your treatment so that we can help.

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You can book your Lash Tint, LVL Lash Lift or lash extensions appointment by calling our expert beauty team at Sara Victoria Brows & Beauty Salon in Calne on 01249 816909 or book online here.